Patient care is our passion.  When you see LifeLine employees in action, you see people who care about what they are doing.  Here is what others are saying .......... 

“We are so pleased with everything from the nurse’s care to the physical therapist.  Always here just when they said they would be here, and so nice and helpful.”
- Don Dunn

“Each staff member was encouraging and assisted me mentally and physically in many ways during a difficult time.  Your services were appreciated.  This is a group to be proud of, thank you.”    
- Dorothy Posey

“We were very happy with the services!  The nurses were wonderful; they even came out in a snowstorm to give an injection that was due!  We will certainly use your services again.  Thank you so much.” 
- Jane Maher

“We received help from Lifeline when my husband was ill for so long.  Later, I was treated by Lifeline. We were always treated with great respect.  I think this is a very good program for Senior Citizens or anybody not capable of taking care of themselves.”
 - Dorothy VonTugelin

“The best care I have ever received from a Home Health Care Agency.  You’re the greatest!”
- John Hurd

- Jim Loy

“I would recommend the care I received to anyone.  The care was great; the staff was so helpful.”  
- Roland Brashear

“The staff was great.  We enjoyed having them in our home.”
- Seabrook Griffin

“I owned a home health agency for over 30 years; I can only hope my staff was as professional, courteous, and caring as Lifeline nurses.  I could not have asked for better care.  In fact, it was so great my dog Yapper sang about it!”
- Rhonda Loeffler

“Lifeline’s program and staff are absolutely fantastic and I would be just as quick to say if I had a different opinion.  Every person I had contact with was very professional, friendly, helpful, and interested in my progress.  I will have to admit, I was a little apprehensive to begin home health, but that ended quickly and I believe it was beneficial in my recovery.”
- Charles L. Addy

“We always look forward to the days the nurse comes, we knew the nurses were there for us, and they would answer all our questions or we could call the office.  We appreciate all you have done for us.”
- Mildred Kiser

“For people who are not financially ‘rich,’ your staff made us feel rich with the care and thoughtfulness of each person that was sent.  The nurse we had was a wonderful nurse and terrific person.  Thank you to all your staff.”
- G. Thomas

“I thought all the help was wonderful and I deeply appreciated all of the visits.  The therapy has really helped me with my walking.  You are a great and considerate home health.  Thanks.”  
- Beulah Reece