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LifeLine Hospice is very excited to announce our new fund raising project for 2008-2009. LifeLine Hospice is very active in our community, providing support to organizations such as Relay For Life and Mobile Meals. Additionally, we have a benevolent fund that is used to support special needs of our patients. To provide funding for these endeavors LifeLine Hospice is beginning a fund raising project that will bring enjoyment for generations to come and memorialize the many precious individuals that have touched our lives.

LifeLine Hospice will be creating our fist Memorial Cookbook. To accomplish this Memorial Cookbook we need recipes. We need a lot of recipes. Specifically we would like recipes from individuals that have a special meaning. For example, if you have a loved one who recently passed away, but they had a special recipe, we would like to have that recipe and maybe a brief statement about the story or memory behind this recipe. Maybe it was a comfort food that you enjoyed growing up, or a special way that a loved one prepared a unique dish. Some may have had a Father who prepared Chili a certain way, or an Aunt who prepared a dessert in a special manner. Those are recipes that we are seeking.

This from can be used to submit your recipe that you would like included in the Memorial Cookbook. Feel free to submit several recipes, however, please submit only one recipe per each from submission. We do ask for the basic information such as your name, name of dish, ingredients, and detailed instructions, as well as a note about the story behind the recipe.

When we gather the recipes, layout the pages, and publish the cookbook we will be putting the Names of the Dishes, Ingredients, and Instructions in the cookbook, as well as a short story behind the recipe. In order to maintain privacy we will not include last names in the cookbook, but will use first names only and a description of the relationship.

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