Home Health Eligibility

What are the qualifications for admission?

  • Must be homebound - This means you only leave your home infrequently
  • Care must be ordered by your physician
  • You must require a skilled service and care must be intermittent

What are the payer sources for home health care services?

  • Medicare Part A covers 100% of the cost of Home Health Care. This means no cost to you.
  • Medicaid covers home health and community care services
  • Most health insurance policies and HMO's now cover skilled home health care
  • Worker's Compensation and the Veteran's Administration also cover Home Health services
  • Patient of family may also choose to pay privately for care.

Note: The payers often require that services be delivered by a licensed and regulated home health agency, such as LifeLine Home Health Care.

Is LifeLine Home Health Care for you?

Who is a Candidate?

  • Has your medical condition recently changed?
  • Has your medication recently changed?
  • Have you been diagnosed with a new illness?
  • Do you require therapy services?
  • Do you require infusion services?
  • Do you have difficulties with daily activities?
  • Do you have difficulty driving?
  • Would you prefer to be cared for at home?

If you answered YES to two or more of these questions, LifeLine Home Health can help you....
Call (405) 224-4891)

Who can assist me in arranging home health services?

  • Physicians
  • Hospital Staff
  • Patients
  • Family and Friends
  • Community Agencies